vendredi 27 mai 2011

birdwatching and more

In the Royal botanic gardens, they asked us to :
walk on the grass,
hug the trees,
smell the roses
and speak to birds.
The only thing which is not aloud is to feed the birds.

Nobody wants to go to  the Tauronga zoo with me but  yesterday I spent a good time with bats, ibis, cockatoos  and company. I  walked, smelled, spoke, hugged. I even made a wish walking around the wishing tree three times forward and three times backward

but  I couldn't hug the Quensland bottle tree

4 commentaires:

  1. Happy to read you in english !
    I'd like to drink this Irish coffe ...
    A good training for in a month.

  2. Lucky girl who had a nice day in the zoo !
    No wonder you could not hug the bottle tree !!
    Enjoy yourself.

  3. no zoo for me
    just the royal botanic gardens in Sydney

  4. no irish coffee for me just cappucino